Humane Education Testimonials

“I wish you could see the joy on their faces when Nancy and the dogs come into the classroom. Children who have not smiled, burst into giggles! They listen attentively and dangle their fingers, hoping to attract one of the dogs for a quick pet or snuggle...Whether she realizes it or not, (Nancy) presents a powerful Character Education lesson to our children. She teaches empathy, kindness and respect, as well as facts.” 

"My daughter’s love for all animals grew and she met new friends that love animals the way she does.."

 "I saw the best in my child when he was talking to, holding, or petting an animal.  It's when you know "all is right with the world".  Your experience working with all kinds of kids is so obvious and your excitement about what you do and love is so apparent to the children!”

"the entire experience is a win-win for the children, the dogs and the future dog owners.”

"My daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's and anxiety and has had some social challenges with her peers. Club YAAP gave her a social outlet where she was happy, comfortable and around kids like her that loved animals. The club gave her a safe haven to grow, learn, meet friends while still being herself.” 

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