Academic Coaching Testimonials

"Nancy Katz is an energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate person. She has a solid knowledge of coaching and AD/HD and has great people skills. That combination makes her an excellent coach for teenagers and their families. I enjoy working with Nancy and have confidence in her ability to provide quality coaching services to her clients." 

-Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Nationally Recognized MCC, Master Certified Coach and Trainer (No relation)

"Nancy respects her, is not judgmental and 'gets' her."

 "Prior to my daughter coming to Nancy, she was easily overwhelmed and didn't know what to do first and her grades were suffering. She has been attending academic coaching for about a year and made the honor last quarter.”

"Nancy was great with my son. She was able to communicate with him at his level and he told her a lot about what went on in school that he wasn't talking to me about.”

"Nancy has taken our son from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s...She accomplished this by not only giving him the tools he needed to improve, but also by forging a personal relationship with him that increased his self-confidence and motivation to succeed.  Our relationship with our son has also improved, and we feel that he is now on the right track for future success in college and in life.” 

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