Academic  coaching

for adolescents & young adults

   School can be exciting for many students, but for some kids who struggle with anxiety, AD/HD, executive functioning skills or other issues, it can be a scary time as well.

     Some students benefit from working with an academic coach like me. I've been coaching students with a variety of challenges for over a decade with a great degree of success. I work with students who struggle with many of the following issues:​

  • AD/HD     

  • Organization     

  • Time Management 

  • Test Taking & Study Skills     

  • Long Term Project Planning

  • Motivation

  • Frustration Tolerance     

  • Confidence     

  • Self Advocacy

  • Executive Function Skills

  Weekly coaching sessions take place at my home office in Fairfax, VA.

   All coaching sessions are approximately 40-55 min. in length. Session time will include:

          • Reviewing student's previous week's assignments

          • Assessing progress of weekly & quarterly goals and adjust as needed

          • Going over test/quiz results

          • Scheduling, planning and writing down upcoming assignments, projects and tests in student's planner/agenda or calender

          •Sorting, organizing and reviewing student binders and folders each week


       As the coaching process is not a ‘quick fix,’ students and parent(s) are expected to work with me for a minimum of three months or one school quarter. On average, most students choose to continue for the entire school year. 

  If you think your son or daughter could benefit from working with me, please

conact me for more information or to schedule an initial consultation meeting.

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